Monday, August 15, 2005

Only One

Ok work with this one will ya? it was a
fun article for me. So give it your best shot.


The world is a stage, there is only one actor,
only one producer, only one that directs all things.

There is only one voice, only one script, and only one roll.

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK.. "hello." "Someone is at the door,
I must answer it." Let me ask you a question, "where did
the KNOCK come from?" "From the door, someone is there."

The world is a stage, there is only one actor, only
one producer, only one that directs all things.

There is only one voice, only one script, and only one roll.

Who stands at the door and KNOCKS?

~By shyloh~

I'm up for it (always blowing my own trumpet (I wish)) -Kah

Ooer! There’s Only One Script


A group of actors are relaxing in a corner of the studio. A scriptwriter sits in a Directors chair leafing through a script. On the back of the chair, scribbled in chalk, are the words ‘I AM GOD’.

SOUND OVER: [door slams shut, footsteps echo across the wooden, studio floor, getting nearer.].

A man in a fur coat enters left

FUR COAT MAN: Right everyone! Stop what you’re doing and listen up. My name is Frank Coley. I’m your new director. You! Get off my chair.

SCRIPTWRITER: {stage whisper} Oooh! Someone crawled out of the swamp on the wrong side this morning.

COLEY: Very funny, are you the piss-taker responsible for that?


COLEY:That! On the back of the chair, ‘I am Cod’.

SCRIPTWRITER: COD??? It looks like I AM GOD to me, G. O. D. Yep, it’s GOD alright.

COLEY: Do I look like I was born yesterday, do you think with a name like Coley I haven’t seen and heard that one a million times before? Get it wiped off. NOW!!!

MALE LEAD: What’s he rattling on about?

FEMALE LEAD: His name is Coley, it’s a type of fish.


No-one moves to wipe off the chalk. Coley is forced to wipe it off himself.

COLEY: Ok, where’s the script?

SCRIPTWRITER: Slight problem there Mr. Cod, I mean Coley, we only have one copy.

COLEY: Say again?

SCRIPTWRITER: There’s only one script.

COLEY: Jesus!!!

MALE LEAD: I thought he WAS Jesus

FEMALE LEAD: No, he’s a fish who thinks he’s God, big difference.

COLEY: I heard that.

FEMALE LEAD: Correction, a God-fish with ears

COLEY: Who are you two?

FEMALE LEAD: I’m Flo Thornley, and this is Brad Updike

COLEY: Aaah! The leading lady, hold this for me will you

He takes off his oversize fur coat and throws it at Flo, she catches it on reflex. Curls her lip in distaste and holds it at arms length.

FLO: Are you sure it’s dead?

SCRIPTWRITER: If it isn’t the animal rights will be picketing Grizzly Adams here

She drops the coat over the back of the chair

COLEY: I take it you know your lines?

SCRIPTWRITER: Another slight problem there

COLEY: What now?

SCRIPTWRITER: The last director had messed so much with the script we had to do a complete re-write. None of the cast has seen this script yet.

COLEY: Oh brother!

FLO: Now, he’s a monk

BRAD: A monkfish?

FLO: Bit out of his depth, then.

COLEY: SHUT UP!!! Let me think. Why is there only one script?

SCRIPTWRITER: The runner twisted an ankle, she didn’t show today. We couldn’t get it copied in time.

COLEY: Right, here’s what we’ll do, Who’s got the chalk?

They all look at each other shrugging.